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» Paintless Dent Removal

Dent Works of Winston-Salem provides precision Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) services to the greater Triad area. Specializing in automotive hail damage repair, minor dent repair and door ding removal, we can remove your car's dents, while leaving the original finish untouched.

PDR is a metalworking art that requires patience, a great deal of experience and skill to do correctly. Dent Works sets the quality standard in North Carolina for paintless dent removal (PDR). It is not a matter of camouflaging the damage; we make dings and dents disappear - without the need for paint or body fillers. With this unique process, we restore your vehicle's appearance at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time of conventional body shop repair work.

Our expert technicians use custom-designed tools to gain access behind the damaged area and gently massage the metal back to its original state. This process preserves the vehicle's exterior finish and structural integrity.

We offer you the choice of in-shop service at our convenient location on Peters Creek Parkway in Winston Salem or mobile service at your home or place of business. Let us know what is most convenient for you - either way, the same low prices apply and we guarantee the highest quality workmanship.

» The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair

The most important benefit is quality. This method is the closest you can get to the dent never happening in the first place. No grinding, bondo, fillers, or primers are needed because your original factory paint is not disturbed.

Cost is also a major benefit of Paintless Dent Repair. A typical estimate for a minor dent from a body shop usually ranges between $350 - $500 or higher. That same dent can usually be repaired for $75 - $150 using Paintless Dent Repair. Time savings is yet another advantage. That same dent can often be fixed in less than an hour. A body shop will take 3 - 5 days, or longer.

PDR saves your vehicle's original factory paint finish. Most door dings, creases and hail damage do not damage paint surfaces and are highly fixable using PDR methods. A body shop will typically just "fill" the dent with bondo or fillers, sand it smooth, then repaint the dented area and also much of the surrounding areas. Repainting of your vehicle depreciates its value. PDR maintains your cars original value & factory finish.

PDR is recommended and approved by all major insurance companies and is used by auto dealerships, car rental companies, auto auctions, car collector clubs, and individual car owners as the preferred method of repair for dings dents and hail. The wide spread use of high-strength metal and resilient paint finishes has allowed PDR to become an available alternative to traditional body repair techniques. Specially fabricated tools and techniques for PDR have been developed to remove dents, often up to the size of a football, from almost any panel of a vehicle. No sanding, body filler or repainting is necessary. In most cases, when the process is complete the dent is no longer visible.

» FAQ's

"Is the Work Guaranteed?"

Yes. Our work is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our PDR work, there will be no charge applied.

"How long does Paintless Dent Removal / Door Ding Repair (PDR) take?"

A single ding can take 15 minutes to 30 minutes and multiple dings usually under 1 hour.

"Will My Paint Be Damaged?"

No. Today's factory paints are very flexible and will not be damaged in any way by this process. Paintless Dent Repair is the only way to repair a dent and still keep your factory paint.

"Will My Dents Be 100% Gone?"

On minor dents, in most cases, yes. The deeper the dent, the more difficult it is to repair. Even on larger dents, once we're done, most people are amazed at the results. We always explain in detail how your dent will likely look before any work is started.

"Will My Dents Come Back?"

Absolutely not. Once a dent has been removed properly with Paintless Dent Repair, it never comes back. Most dents repaired conventionally develop a ring around the dent, or sand scratch marks 3 - 6 months after the repair. This is never the case with properly performed Paintless Dent Repair.

"Can Any Dent Be Fixed?"

No. The most important factors in determining if a dent can be repaired by Paintless Dent Repair are depth and location. Dents the size of a dinner plate or larger can be fixed successfully, as long as they are not too deep, or twisted. On the other hand, some dents that are as small as a dime, but very deep, cannot be fixed using Paintless Dent Repair because the metal is too stretched. Cracked paint can also be an indication that a dent is too deep. The most common dents fixed are the size of a golf ball and under. About 95% of minor dents can be repaired, leaving about 5% of minor dents that can't be fixed due to depth or location. Areas such as some quarter panel opening lips, some forward areas of heavily braced hoods, or the very edges of some panels are examples of bad locations.

"How Much Does Paintless Dent Removal / Door Ding Repair (PDR) Cost?"

Depending on depth, location and access, an average repair cost is between $89-$150 (Usually 70% less than a body shop). Multiple dings and dents vary between $150-$500.

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